Vermont Chevon Brings on New Partners

Vermont Chevon has brought in two new company partners. Katja Evans, of Braintree, Vermont, is a goat farmer and a certified Veterinary Technician. She will be the Director of Operations and will also oversee two Vermont mini-farms currently growing bucklings to market weight. Miles Hooper, of Randolph, Vermont, is the farm manager at Ayers Brook Goat Dairy and is Vermont Chevon’s Director of Finance/Controller. He has been closely connected to the dairy goat industry most of his life.

Katja with two does from her Kiko goat herd. Miles at Ayres Brook Goat Dairy in Randolph, Vermont.

Shirley Richardson, founder of Vermont Chevon, says she is excited about her new partners who “are ready to move our organization and the Vermont-branded dairy goat meat industry to a new level. The new partners will allow me to focus on growing our sales.”

In other news, Vermont Chevon is launching a new product, Chevon Merguez Sausage, in partnership with Vermont Smoke and Cure.


The Vermont Chevon Story:

Vermont dairy goat farms have an international reputation for producing superb milk, cheese and caramel products. This success resulted in a surplus of high quality livestock that was not being used as a food source. Vermont Chevon recognized the potential of added value and sustainability of our state's dairy goat farms when we gave these animals a purpose. They are now a farm-to-fork partnership that is bringing this delectable, healthy source of protein to American tables.