The Buzz: Wetland, Woodland, Wildland

A New Edition in the Works!

Authors Eric Sorenson, Elizabeth Thompson, and Bob Zaino are busy writing about new Vermont natural communities, redrawing maps, and classifying newly identified species.


When this book was first published 15 years ago, it was heralded as a way to understand and conserve the connections between the landscape and human culture. This guide to Vermont’s natural communities digs deeply (in a good way) into the complex ecosystems that make our wetlands and woodlands the thriving landscape and animal habitat we value. 

Although packed with biological, ecologic, geographic, and historic details, WW&W is just as accessible to the non-scientist as the scientist. As Steve Trombulak, Director of Sciences at Middlebury College, wrote “…this book seeks to make practical familiarity of the Vermont landscape available to everyone. It is such a familiarity with the landscape that allows a meaningful understanding of not only the region’s past, but its possible future.”

RavenMark produced the first edition of WW&W, and we are looking forward to working on this next edition. We will be going on a field trip with the authors, and will have an extended interview with them in the coming months.

 Stay tuned.