The Studio: An airy and light space that looks out over the 70-acre backyard, yet just minutes from Montpelier.

Linda Mirabile developed her love of type at her first job as a proofreader and typesetter in Albany, New York. Spending hours in a darkroom setting headlines on a Phototypositor and doing slave labor for a select few type designers set her on a course of graphic design. Early years were spent working in all areas of design and printing and instilled an appreciation for well-designed, well-executed, and well-printed materials. (Nothing irritates Linda more than seeing hyphens in a flush left body of copy!) When she can, she takes a break from the computer and trades her mouse for a paint brush to create paintings of birds and landscapes. Click here to see some of her work.

Kodo, a shy basenji mix with an out-of-control craving for treats