Studio: An airy and light space that looks out over the 70-acre backyard, yet just minutes from Montpelier.

Linda Mirabile developed her love of type at her first job as a proofreader and typesetter in Albany, New York. Spending hours in a darkroom setting headlines on a Phototypositor and doing slave labor for a select few type designers set her on a course of graphic design. Early years were spent working in all areas of design and printing and instilled an appreciation for well-designed, well-executed, and well-printed materials. (Nothing irritates Linda more than seeing hyphens in a flush left body of copy!) When she can, she takes a break from the computer and trades her mouse for a paint brush to create paintings of birds and landscapes. Click here to see some of her work.

Kodo, a shy basenji mix with an out-of-control craving for treats


Studio: In a 150-year-old house with sloping floors, a view of a small perennial garden, and short walk into town.


Rebecca Davison, the wearer of many hats. Her experience as a book editor and packager equips her with the skill to organize project teams, keep projects on schedule, and within budget. As an editor and writer, she is keenly aware that beautiful design demands beautiful language. A believer in the story, a lover of the shape and sound of words, she works with writers and clients’ in-house staff to cast their message into engaging prose to capture their audiences attention. She has transferred her experience in book design and marketing to the digital world helping clients find visibility in the Internet clutter with web design, print, and social media communication.

Paco, red-merle Aussie, who loves life in any form!