We approach a project in the same spirit as a barn raising, where a community of people with many different skills come together to create something useful and beautiful. In this way, we partner with illustrators, writers, editors, web developers, and designers. Working within a creative community means more originality, fresher ideas that match a client’s unique needs. Here are just some of the people we work with. Check back regularly to discover our growing creative community.

Adelaide Tyrol: A good part of her professional life has been spent as a botanical and natural history illustrator. “With due respect to the importance of viewing nature with a scientifically accurate eye,” she says, “I find the power of nature to lie beyond the caliper. Upon close inspection, the natural world reveals truths other than analytical ones.” We have worked with Adelaide on several infographic projects, a book project for Biodiversity Research Institute, and the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Landowner’s Guide. Adelaidetyrol


Jeb Wallace-Brodeur: Born and bred in Montpelier and educated at Middlebury College, Jeb is often seen around town with a camera. He is the chief photographer of the The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus and a staff photographer for Seven Days, Vermont’s weekly alternative newspaper. As a long-time photojournalist, Jeb can capture an ephemeral moment that is perfectly composed. But he can also capture very human moments that are reflected in a person’s face. Recently, Jeb worked with us on the state history book Intimate Grandeur, Vermont’s State House. We often go to Jeb’s stock photos to enhance our projects. Jeb’s Flicker site

Jesse Huffman, Huffman Studio: After a decade plus bouncing back and forth from the Pacific Northwest to New York, Jesse finally bounced back to his native Vermont as a freelance creative content professional. As a former professional snowboarder, he brings a lifetime of passion for the outdoors and over 15 years experience in editorial, brand communications, and video production. He and his twin brother, Lukas, have combined their talents in producing spectacular videos for some of our clients, including the Northeast Regional Office of the National Wildlife Federation and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.   Huffman Studio


Tom Slayton: Tom has bequeathed Vermont a beautiful body of writing about life in this state, its natural landscape, its people, and its history. He was the former editor of Vermont Life, a reporter and editor for The Rutland Herald and The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus, and awarded the Franklin Fairbanks Award for his contribution to Vermont’s cultural life. Among the projects we have worked with Tom on are An Enduring Place, published by the National Wildlife Federations Northeast Regional Office, and Intimated Grandeur, published by the Friends of the Vermont State House.

Cathi Levey, Onion River Web Design: As both a biologist and web developer, Cathi brings a special combination of knowledge and experience to our web work in the environmental field. She worked with us on the BioFinder site and has been invaluable and generous in giving advice and support on many of our clients’ sites. In her capacity as an environmental scientist for DEC’s Water Quality Division, Cathi was responsible for all of the monitoring on Lake Champlain including data review, presentations, and web presence. She has extensive experience in html, css, and Dreamweaver. She is wonderful to work with!  Onion River Web Design